gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

3 things I learnt this week

I've been very busy this weekend but yesterday I took some time out to go and see Danny Boyle's excellent 127 Hours, that guy had it easy. All that time just standing around, he stuck?? Someone better go lend him a hand. Anyway, moving on, this week my learning's been limited to three new things, sometimes that's more than enough.

Cricketers can drink. So can rugby players to be fair. Anybody who has been lucky enough to frequent an Oceana on a Wednesday night will know that people who play rugby like to drink. They like to drink to glorious, macho excess. I saw it first hand when my university housemate returned from his initiation ceremony with a blank look on his face, still smelling of whipped cream and clutching a foot long Meatball Mariana like it was the only thing keeping him upright. This week I learnt that it is infact cricketers who can put away the most ale. Mike Tindall, (soon to be Mike Zara Phillips) attempted to beat moustachioed eighties cricketerDavid Boons extraordinary drinking feat after the 2003 Rugby World Cup. ‘Boonie’ managed to put away 52 tinnies during an England to Australia flight back in the day, whereas Tindall only managed twenty before passing out. Only twenty full size cans? I thought his fiancĂ©e was the Queen's granddaughter.
The next round is on Winehouse. Everything I read these days tells me Brazil is the new world force, emerging from the pack whilst simultaneously leading from the front. What better way to celebrate such success than with five Amy Winehouse gigs, at one million pounds a pop. Just because you have money Brazil, it doesn’t mean you have to squander it! Doesn’t Dilma Rousseff read Thrift Thursdays? Shockingly not. Fair play to Winehouse, she’s always had a nose for a good deal...or is that a good deal in her nose? Reference me if you use that gag please.
Firefox got hot over summer, Internet Explorer got fat. That’s right Firefox is now more popular than Internet Explorer. For the first time ever Firefox is the most used browser in Europe, with experts pointing to Google Chrome stealing Internet Explorer’s users as the issue. I use Google Chrome, don’t blame it on me Bill, just because Zuckerberg stole your king nerd status. For the record on this site the most popular browser is Safari (30%) because we are cultured and our readers have Macs. Second is Internet Explorer (29%) and third is Firefox (21%). We don’t follow trends here at Gradulthood.

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