gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

Party time at the Gradulthood AGM

With a couple of horses dying in the Grand National and Rory McIlory producing a slow death of his own on the back nine at Augusta, it’s not surprising that the first ever Gradulthood AGM slipped under the radar for many. Perhaps the press would have picked up on it if they weren’t too busy dusting off the stock ‘there’s been some sun in Britain photos.’ Perhaps not.

But this was a momentous occasion. Since Gradulthood's inception back in October Michael and I have never once been in the same room. Instead we have relied on a myriad of technology to keep things ticking over. There have been email threads, text messages, voice mails, Skype conferences, Facebook chats, Google chats, Twitter messages, conversations on the phone...We probably weren’t that far off reinstalling MSN and completing the set.

So when the AGM finally got round to being organised it was difficult to know what Gradulthood issues there were to discuss. It turns out, not many.
We gave it a go. At one stage I even floated an idea, let it hang and then paced up to stare thoughtfully out the window. Hollywood has led me to believe this usually leads to a breakthrough but in this case it was probably as productive as we got. To be fair, a new franchise was devised and plans for me to take over the Twitter feed were finalised as Michael turns his attention to his new project. Infact the majority of our designated Gradulthood time was designated to a set of rather self indulgent PR shots.

Talking of self indulgent, I can only apologise for this post – but bear with me. I had three years of guitar lessons and can barely play Wonderwall so god knows how I’m managing to blow my own trumpet so well. But it turns out the weekend wasn’t about looking to the future of Gradulthood, it was a chance to celebrate our past achievements.

When we first started discussing the blog we couldn’t have imagined it going so well. In the intervening months it has been mentioned three times in the Guardian and above all, it helped me work my way out of the call center. So this weekend was a vindication of months of hard work, a chance to toast a job well done.

There is almost a stigma attached to starting a blog, or putting yourself out there in any way creatively. If it had gone badly Gradulthood could have been embarrassing, it could have been a fad, but whatever happens from here on in, it has been a minor internet triumph - what better way to celebrate, than with a fake AGM.

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