gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

Social Media during Gradulthood. Part 2

Another picture to justify the discontinuation of 'Picture of the week'
I’ve read in a few places now that online CVs are the future. I don’t necessarily agree with this, and even the experts can’t really agree on what makes a good CV, or which is the best way to approach a company for a job - but really, what’s the harm in having one? Admittedly, when I first thought of online CVs, I was thinking flash animations, and words like ‘self-motivated’, ‘creative’ and all the other tosh you’re not really supposed to put in a CV but inevitably do anyway, zooming across the screen. However, in reality, it’s merely a way to put your basic CV, in one simple, clickable place. It means if you have anything online that you want to show off, you can easily include links - if you have a website, an online profile, or a YouTube video, you can provide a simple link to it, or even embed it in your CV.

It’s not like you even have to pay for web space any more - websites such as Blogger, and Wordpress provide simple tools for creating, and then hosting your page. I’m speaking from absolutely zero experience here, but wouldn’t it be easier, instead of attaching a CV to an email which in most cases probably won’t be read, chuck a cheeky printer-friendly link in there for someone to click?

I realise that last week I made a promise to make, and then update you all on how my LinkedIn profile is coming along. Easier said than done it seems. I looked through all of my recent pictures on Facebook, and there is nothing, nothing at all suitable...So, before I can proceed, I need a profile picture, and I refuse to pose and do one for myself. JR, can you put those pics from last weekend on Facebook please…? Cheers, because then I’ll start.

The Guardian have a nice article on how to optimize your online presence, here.

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  1. Best way to get your CV read is the old fashioned way (personalised covering letter with CV attached). Unless, that is, you are looking for a job within the media or arts, where you have a little bit more freedom to be 'creative'.