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1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

News Views: #demo2010

This morning I read with interest about the planned protests for today, students all over the country walking out of lectures at 11am sounded like quite a good idea - especially after the last one. Fast forward a few hours and take a look at any British news site, what have they done!? Once again, peaceful protests have turned sour, and unfortunately that’s what today will be remembered for, not a demonstration against the potential £6,000 hike in tuition fee’s or the removal of EMA.

Earlier in the afternoon, I was keeping an eye on the Guardian live blog to try and figure out what was going on and where. As you probably realise by now, Gradulthood does enjoy a tweet, so after noticing the Guardian were using a lot of contributions from Twitter I decided to check it out. #Demo2010 was producing hundreds of tweets every minute, with views from newsrooms, students, reporters inside the protests, in fact anyone and everyone who had something to say on the matter. Here are a few that I found amusing/interesting:

Placard watch: ‘my back hurts where Nick Clegg stabbed me’ (GarethBebb)

There is only one way to bring peace to this riot. Someone ring Dr. Karl Kennedy and tell him to bring his guitar! #demo2010 #neighbours (Treblechamp)

"Police trying to push the crowd back" says BBC news as they beat defenseless students + teenagers #demo2010 (New1ideas)

#demo2010 Great turnout in Liverpool best sign: "Cuts are for Emos" (SenorKristtobal)

"One woman is holding a home-made placard calling for "rich parents for all"." :: #demo2010 #dayx (JonathonWebber)

The whole #demo2010 trending topic was really addictive! I found myself caught up in it all; constantly clicking to see the ’97/52/84 New Tweets’. Reading everyone’s different opinions on the demo, you can really get a sense of what’s going on inside the march without the apparently watered down coverage from the news companies such as the BBC. Next time something big is ongoing in the news, I’ll be sure to keep up to date on Twitter.

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