gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

This week on Gradulthood.

It’s Saturday, it’s cold (up north anyway), and it’s only 41 days until Christmas, time for a round up of the week on Gradulthood? I’d say so yes.

What’s new?

Twitter account - @gradulthood – please follow! Inspired by…
A week in a tweet – 140 characters to review a gradult’s week.
Career advice from Mick Jagger – Not quite, but an entertaining read nonetheless.
A Gradult Abroad: Cycling the USA – Dave Procter writes about his bike ride from L.A. to New York.
1,040 hits – Exactly what it says, except it’s now 1,600!
News Views: 50,000 protest, what’s it all for? - Gradulthood’s attempt to understand tuition fees.
A Gradult at work: The Call Centre – Five charactars a call centre worker hopes to avoid…
Now that’s what I call thrift: #3 – This week, the self service check out.
Congradulations – Yet more brilliant wordplay, guest written by Oliver Kenyon.

NEXT WEEK: Not really sure yet, but our regular features will continue (alongside some fresh ones), and there are rumours we're going to get a mention in the national press!

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