gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

Week in a tweet: Christmas

Being something of a twitterphobe I usually take a backseat with regards to the Twitter side of the Gradulthood empire. I've nothing against the site, I'm just still stuck in the Facebook era. Social networking for me is battling through 60 photos of people I vaguely know on dancefloors in various states of inebriation rather than insightful, humourous or celebrity tweets. But with Michael Gray embarking on four hour walks and other countryside related festive activities, it has fallen on me to post this weeks tweets:

joe good Xmas with family + friends. Never want to see a plate of cold meat again. The older I get the less gifts I receive #agediscrimination

michael spent Xmas in the Lake Disctrict, been on more walks than you can shake a welly at. Heading South for NYE, plans uncofirmed.

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