gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

Now Thats What I Call Thrift #25

Today came the news that ‘Gradulthood’ has been Google approved. Prior to this week if you typed ‘Gradulthood’ into the all conquering search engine it would remain stoically unimpressed. Are you sure you didn’t mean Adulthood? I mean, I’ve got this amateur hour blog at the top of my results if you want - but I’ll chalk this up as a simple typing error shall I?

No, Google, I meant Gradulthood. Don’t make me switch to Bing.

Does anyone actually use Bing? Is it just Chandler fielding the five searches it gets a day from his kitchen in New York?

Google has now finally been won over. Now we just need them squares at Microsoft Word to catch on. We probably have more chance of being approved by Dictionary Corner so let’s just celebrate one victory at a time.

With it being Thursday, there is only one way to do so. With a landmark 25th thrift tip that goes straight to the crux of Gradulthood.

Thrift 25: The out of date student card

Gradulthood has been defined as the ‘awkward stage between graduation and adulthood’. Nothing epitomises this transitional period more than the out of date student card. Some gradults will keep this card in their wallets out of nostalgia, some out of laziness. The wily gradult will keep their card for altogether more thrifty reasons.

Just because the card is out of date, it doesn’t mean it can’t go out and save you a couple of quid every now and then. It’s just a matter of knowing when to deploy it. McDonalds is a no brainer. I get an extra cheeseburger with my large meal every time, just because I can. Sometimes you need a couple of hours of feeling sick to really earn that thrifting pride. I would urge caution when getting her out at the cinema; their staff are difficult to judge. Topshop – forget about it.

If a gradult is confident, selective and thrifty they can put their student card to use for years to come. It cost you twenty odd grand to obtain it, might as well keep it on the payroll.

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