gra-dult-hood n.

1. A stage in life between graduation and adulthood.
2. Gradulthood often involves jobs that don't fulfil a graduate's expectations.
3. A term coined during the recession.

This week on Gradulthood.

Just the 5 articles this week, sometimes life chucks you a poor internet connection. Here's what we posted in the last 7 days:

Picture of the week - The latest incarnation of the Monday afternoon slot, featuring an ice-cream barge.

A Gradult in South Korea: Teaching English - Christian Lapper offers insight into the day to day life of an English teacher abroad.

A Gradult in Colombia: Teaching English - Dave Procter doesn't like cold showers, or Colombian public transport, but he loves his job.

A brief post from the internet wilderness - Joe joined us from what can only be described as a dial-up connection, to explain his absence.

Now that's what I call thrift: #27 - Free movies for all! Legally!

That's what happened on the blog this week, I'm off to watch Death Train (see Thrift Thursday).

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